Practice Improve Everyday!

THE RZA from the Wu-tang clan said to practice improvising everyday because it will be useful in the real world. And it is true.

Singing improve is something of a spontaneous art form practiced by a daring few. When you have to be on the spot you have to really be on top of your game. Things you have to be on top of your game for:

-Someone asks you to come to a party you do not want to go to a need an excuse

-A confrontation at a bar or nightclub

-Driving at night in deer territory

-Handling heavy machinery.

What improve does is essentially handle situations that otherwise would be difficult to come to terms with in the moment. Makes you think on your feet. Click here.

Singing improve is essentially having to find the right melody and perform in the moment. This routine essentially makes it harder to do the version right opposed to pushing yourself to make it sound right.

This can be especially remarkable for those who plan on performing in front of hundreds of people. It sort of curves the edge off of your fear. And for that musical improve is something that we whole heartedly believe in!